Accutrace Printed Circuits Boards

Part Number:   Your part number or Reference number.  We recommend that you
                           include the revision level in your Part number.  This will allow us to
                           track your job for future orders.

Layer:              Number of copper layers in your board:
                           Single Sided = 1 Layer
                           Double Sided = 2 Layers
                           Multilayer = 3 to 10 Layers

Material:          Most widely used material is FR4.  We also offer a wide variety of
                           special materials.  For special request please Contact us.

Thickness:        Thickness of your board.  Most commonly used thickness is 0.062".

Copper Weight:  Standard is 1oz copper per sq. ft. Extra current needs more copper
                             thickness.   For 2 or more oz., your board must meet the design

Dimension:        Overall board size.  If you want the boards in a panel with Route/Retain
                             or Scoring, simply state that in the Routing Selection option.

SMD Side:        Surface Mount Device/Component used on the board.

SMD Pitch:       Distance from the center of SMD pads to the center of the nearest
                            SMD pad:  
                                         0.3mm = 0.012"
                                         0.4mm = 0.016"
                                         0.5mm = 0.020"
                                         0.6mm = 0.024"

SMD Pads:        Approximate number of Surface Mount Pads on both sides of the board.

Approx. Holes:    Approximate number of holes used in the board.

Smallest Hole:    The smallest finish hole on the board. 

Minimum Trace/Space    Minimum trace or copper width.

Mask-Sides:     Number of solder mask sides.
Our standard is Green LPI = Liquid Photo Imageable.
                            With SMOBC = Solder Mask Over Bare Copper.

silkscreen:       Number of Silkscreen or Legend.
Standard color is White.

GoldFinger     Total number of gold fingers on the board.

Cutouts/Slots:   Number of internal cutouts or slots needed to be routed.

Routing:         Select Individual if your finish board is individually routed.
                         Select Scoring if your boards are in panel separated by score line.
                         Select Route/Retain if your boards are in panel separated by tab/route.
                         Select Route/Retain/Scoring if your boards are in panel separated by
                         tab/route and score line.

Testing:        Select the type of Electrical testing.  For production quantities, we do require
                        boards to be electrically tested. Comparative is the least expensive type.

Quantity:      Number of boards.

Ship Via:      Select your shipping method.   For most prototypes and fast turn around jobs,
                        we recommend Federal Express.

Ship Other  If your shipping method is other than above choices.

Purchase Order:   We need your company's purchase order.   For 'Place your Bid' we do not
                               require purchase order.

Filename            The most preferred method is using PKzip.  Please include all Gerber, Drill,
                               Aperture, Fab and document file.

Credit Card:               If you prefer to pay by credit card, select the type of credit card.  We
                                    accept American Express, Visa and Master Card.  We do not process
                                    your credit card unless we start your job.

Credit Card Number:   Please input the card number only, no space or -.

Exp Date Month/Year:  Select the Expiration date.

Name on Card:             Please type the card holder name.


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